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Feb 12, 2013 10:30am PST
for the upcoming year, and myself as the vice chair. that includes my cac report. thank you. >> thank you mr. flanagan and thank you for your service on the cac as well. colleagues, are there any questions? okay. seeing none do we need to open this up for public comment? so let's open this up for public comment? is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing none public comment is closed. ms. chang please call item four. >> item four is appointment of two members to the citizens advisory committee. this is an action item. >> thank you. >> good morning. i am a planner with the authority. this item starts on page 13 of the packet. the committee has a 11 members and serves a two year term. the program recommends and authority board recommends the members. neither staff or the citizens advisory committee maybe any recommendations on appointment. on page 16 of your packet you can see a list of folks who have submitted applications to be considered for the citizens advisory committee and on page 15 you see a list of with information of the current members. you must be a
Feb 26, 2013 6:00am PST
. that will be the order. >> mr. chair, the march 11th is the regular meeting time of 1:30? >> that will be at 1:30. president chiu, did you intend anything else? >> i believe that is correct. >> 1:30 on march 11th. at this point as i mentioned we'll be hearing the remaining items on the agenda at 1:30. so supervisor chiu, can we have a motion to go into recess until 1:30 p.m.? >> i will make that motion. >> we will take >> welcome back to the san francisco board of supervisors land use and economic development committee committee. i am scott wiener the chairman of the committee. to my left is supervisor david chiu, a member of the committee and vice-chair supervisor jane kim will be joining us momentarily. we did convene at 10:00 a.m. this morning and heard item no. 1, which we continued and then went into recess until now. so madame clerk, would you please call item no. 2. >> an ordinance amending the planning code by adding section 249.70. >> thank you. and item no. 2, the author is supervisor david chiu. supervisor chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair and i want to thank you for scheduling
Feb 25, 2013 1:30pm PST
chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair and i want to thank you for scheduling today's consideration of a suded is at site of the pagato palace. the pagota theater site which has been a blighted site for almost two decades. by way of a little bit of background we have come a long way since this issue was first brought to our attention late last spring when hi office got a surprising call the same day as the first community meeting to provide details about the proposed construction on columbus avenue. in 2008, the plan to extract the tunnel-boring machines in north beach was approached by the sfmta and the planning commission. between 2008 and this past may the sfmta did not do any outreach about the construction plans in north beach and when my constituents learned about this -- director reisk and many other staff from the mta met numerous times to hear concerns raised between last summer and the last few weeks. and to recap the sfmta began considering a number of alternatives to the columbus avenue extraction, that were raised by my office and the community. and presented four options at a
Feb 10, 2013 12:30am PST
. >> mr. chair, members of the committee, on page 4 of our report, we point out that the health services system estimated that 186 employees would be affected by this proposed ordinance. wherein most employees receive a payment between $1400 and $1500 that depends on their medical and dental insurance polices. and the total estimated cost to the city is $660,492 including payments to employees of 57 5 682 and employer fica and medicare contributions. it is our understanding that there would be no additional administrative costs for administering this ordinance. we consider, because this proposed ordinance may result in new ongoing costs of the city as an estimated $660,492 per year, we consider approval of this ordinance to be a policy matter for the board. >> thank you. any other questions for our budget legislative analyst? catherine, i don't know if there is anything that you want to talk about? i want to thank you for working on this legislation. if there was anything else you wanted to add? okay. so with that, [ inaudible ] >> mr. chairman, the financial impact of this legislat
Feb 6, 2013 10:00am EST
georgia is recognized for 15 seconds. mr. price: thank you, madam chair. madam chair, this is pretty simple stuff. it's what families do across this country, it is what businesses do across this country and that is to make sure they don't spend more than they take in. all this bill does is say to the president, when you bring your budget to the congress, mr. president, let us know when it balances and hopefully it's not never, as he's had the last four years. i yield back. the chair: the gentleman's time has expired. all time for general debate has expired. pursuant to the rule, the bill shall be considered as read for amendment under the five-minute rule and the bill shall be considered read. no amendment to the bill is in order except those printed in house report 112- -- 113-8. each such amendment may be offered only in the order printed in the bill, may be offered only by a member designated in the report, shall be debatable equally divided by a proponent and an opponent and shall not be subject for demand for division of the question. it is now in order to consider amendment num
Feb 27, 2013 4:00pm PST
year plan. you, mr. chair mentioned the date of 200 thirty. i urge you to go forward with the 3 plans as they are now to do so in more or less 3 months. go ahead with the 3 let us know what we're talking about. however, unless you get money to the planning department to fund long range planning for the city your successors in our chairs are going to have the same problem when 20040 comes up. you have an obligation to this city. we knew marketed street needed to be repaved. thank you >> next speaker please and good afternoon. i want to say and we want to see dedicated bicycling. we iceberg study of this projects. and we're going to be working with your department >> thank you. any other member of the public like to comment? no other comment? thank you for your presentation. and thank you all for being here as well. i apologize for the time you've spent here. i know we'll have more time and i look forward to commissioner wiener helping out with that progress. we can move on. >> information item and first of all, i want to thank commissioner chu for her years here on the board of supe
Feb 8, 2013 8:00am PST
. >> commissioner campos. >> thank you mr. chair and i want to thank our staff for the work they have done around this issue. i think that the suggestion of continuing the work on community choice aggregation and then looking at the appointments issue is a good one. i would suggest that that as a general approach it probably makes sense for us as a commission to simply give the chair the discretion moving forward to direct the focus or the work of the staff. i certainly don't have any issue with or any problem with any of the issues listed in this memorandum, and if at any time situations change and it gets to a point where it maybe appropriate as deemed by the chair for staff to focus on one of these. i certainly would be very happy with the chair having that discretion. likewise i think it would be important as new members of the commission come on board to make sure that they have an opportunity to also add any item or items that they would like to have lafco look at. i would imagine that that some of the new members would have their own ideas in terms of issues that that when it comes t
Feb 13, 2013 11:00am PST
. >> thank you, mr. chair. members. thank you for accommodating the agenda adjustment. so, before you are two proposed leases with two different nonprofit corporations for two different garages that the sfmta manages. so, a little context here. we manage about 20 parking garages across the city. a number of them had nonprofits established in the 1950s and 1960s to manage the garages on behalf of the city. the main purpose of these nonprofits when they were established were to issue debt in order to facilitate capital improvements and expansions in these garages. over the course of the intervening 50 or 60 years, some of these nonprofit entities that have been managing the garages during that time, the role has really expanded into providing neighborhood-specific expertise and perspective, what they bring to bear on the management of the garages on behalf of the city, now the mta. they're typically populating the boards of these corporations or typically populated by merchants and other key neighborhood stakeholders that have an understanding of the specific neighborhood issues that are releva
Feb 24, 2013 7:30pm PST
>> good afternoon, mr. chair, members of the board, staff and members of the public. sorry for walking in at 1:02 p.m. and missing prompt start of the meeting. [laughter] >> i shouldn't ever think otherwise. so, just a few very brief, few very brief updates. happy to announce the fifth season of sunday streets which starts just a few weeks away. march 10th is the kickoff for our festive season. sunday streets is presented by the sfmta and its nonprofit partner livable city with support from the mayor's office and a lot of other city departments. a lot of people come together to make sunday streets happen every year. as you know, sunday streets promotes open car free space for healthy family oriented activities, and also a chance to explore san francisco's diverse neighborhoods. it started out on the embarcadaro, the first pilot five years ago and has really now spread across the city. we've had a full season of events proposed. as of this date we've got approval for the first four of them which will be that first embarcadaro route which will be march 10th. the route through
Feb 6, 2013 11:00am PST
you, mr. chair and colleagues, i appreciate your consideration of the legislation in us today to continue changes to our city's local business enterprise ordinance to increase contracting opportunities for so-called certified puc lbe, which are small businesses located within our regional water service area, but outside of the boundaries of san francisco. the puc lbe program was created in 2006 to allow small business that operate within our puc water service area to compete for work on the water system improvement program; as know the wisp program has two-thirds of costs being paid by regional water customers of the sfpuc and so the thinking in 2006 it was appropriate for those communities that pay for our water systems improvement to also yield the local economic benefits that are certified puc lbe contracting program can provide. since the wisp program is nearing completion, but the sfpuc has additional projects within the water service area that are not part of wisp construction, the changes in this legislation would allow puc it to continue to support the small businesses
Feb 11, 2013 1:30pm PST
. >> thank you. president chiu is the author of item number 5. >> thank you, mr. chair. colleagues, as you may have been following the newspapers, there have been discussions about changing the location of where the tunnel boring machine for the central subway will be extracted from the currently proposed site on columbus to pulling it out from the so-called pagoda theater site. these are -- this is a proposal that a number of city departments in my office have been working on for a number of months and i am hopeful that we are at the tail end of negotiations with the owner of the pagoda theater on the site, but at this point we are not completely finished with those negotiations. and, so, just as last thurs at the planning commission we asked that the item be continued, i would ask that we continue this item to monday, february 25th in order to finish those negotiations and have fully vetted plans for us to discuss here. >> thank you. so, there's a motion by president chiu to continue this item item number 5 to february 25th. supervisor kim, any comment on that? >> i'm fine with the date.
Feb 26, 2013 6:30am PST
to comment on this item? seeing none, mr. chair that is the end of public comment. [ gavel ] public comment is closed. president chiu. >> mr. chair i'm hope something city staffers can answer questions raised during public comment. the first question is what was raised by the attorney for save muni. i wanted to ask the city attorney's office if he could respond to why you think that that is not appropriately in front of this board? >> >> john givner, deputy city attorney. as the speaker mentioned our office issued a public memo last friday, explaining that the board could not hear the appeal of the planning department's determination to issue an addendum of the final eir for this project. the board has the authority to consider appeals of certain types of ceqa documents. neither ceqa, nor any local law provides the board the authority to hear appeals of issuances of eir addenda. >> thank you. >> and then if i could ask mr. guy from planning. there was a suggestion by one public commenter that somehow the height related to this sud was going to be significantly taller than other height
Feb 27, 2013 7:30pm PST
and we mail that. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner campos. >> thank you mr. chair. if i may add a couple of points to my colleagues. the way the process for funding these projects works under prop k is that the county transportation authority staff gets a request from the agency. in this case it's the muni, mta, and they make an assessment analysis whether or not their request is consistent with the goals and the objectives of prop k, and based on that analysis they make this recommendation. my suggestion would be to the mta given the questions that have been asked, which i think are on point. it's useful going forward for the mta to sit down with the individual supervisors. we're asking to spend money on a particular project in a certain district and you sit down with the supervisor before you come to plans and programs because as supervisor breed rightly points out there's a question of is this really the best way to use these funds? we know that legally programmatically it's good to do that but in need to a specific neighborhood is this the best way to invest it? i think
Feb 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
this forward? >> yes. so moved. >> second. >> without any objection, this item passes. next item. >> mr. chair, item number 15 is an item regarding existing litigation. would you like to adopt a motion to move into closed session? >> yes. is there a motion? >> would you like to take public comment? >> is there any public comment about closed session? seeing none, closed session is closed. is a motion, is there a second? >> to go into closed session? >> yes. >> so moved. >> okay. without any objection, motion >> deputy city attorney john givener again. in the closed session the committee decided to move item 15 to the full board with recommendation. >> thank you. so, is there -- would you like to make a motion to -- >> yes. i'd like to make a motion that we not disclose the discussion from closed session. >> without any objection, motion passes. madam clerk, are there any other items? >> no, mr. chair. the agenda is completed. >> so, meeting adjourned? meeting adjourned. [adjourned]
Feb 13, 2013 4:00pm PST
you. thank you mr. chair, i appreciate the presentation, and i make a motion to move this forward, the recommendation. >> so it's moved and seconded. without objection colleagues. thank you. ms. ching please call the next item. >> >> item six is recommend allocation of $2,862,045 to prop k funds and conscience and this is an action item. >> thank yous. >> >> good morning again. this item begins on page 67 of the packet. we received three requests totals 2.8 million and you can review the applications received and pages 72 through 74 you can read brief project descriptions and notes on key issues that maybe of interest to you. the sfmta has requested this funds from prop k for the design and construction of the n-judah customer first and improvements to the light rail and around the corridor. you can view a project map on page 98. these share similar objectives to the project and aim service reliability and customer increase and decreased time and increased rider ship. this includes dedicated lanes and selling signs and branding and install identification transit only cameras
Feb 13, 2013 4:30pm PST
. commissioner campos. >> thank you mr. chair. just a quick question. whenever you make this kind of investment you want to make sure you have a maintenance plan in place so you project that investment and make sure it lasts as possible so if you can briefly talk about that please. >> yeah. so there are two ways i like to talk about maintenance especially when talking about the muni fleelt and one is regular maintenance of the vehicles to keep them functioning and working and clean for the public as it is used day to day, and the other is the component replacements that are necessary on the fleet. for example a light rail vehicle needs to last 25 years and over the life of that vehicle major components like the trucks need to be replaced and we don't have the resources within the region to always do that. currently on the one fleet we have funds to do limited truck replacement because when the components fail the vehicles is out of service and sometimes a long-term period as we wait for the parts to come and that's why we don't always have the availability that we need. we are looking at in
Feb 7, 2013 3:00pm PST
. >> without any objection, motion passes. madam clerk, are there any other items? >> no, mr. chair. the agenda is completed. >> so, meeting adjourned? meeting adjourned. [adjourned] >> hello, my name is jamie harper. in this episode, we are featuring the park locations in your very own backyard. this is your chance to find your heart in san francisco with someone special. golden gate park's largest body of water is this lake, a popular spot for strolling and paddling around in boats, which can be rented. created in 1893, it was designed foreboding and -- for boating. it is named for the wild strawberries that once flores. a pleasant trail follows the perimeter past huntington falls, 110 foot waterfall. two bridges connect the trail to the island. the climb to the hills summit, the highest point in golden gate park at more than four hundred feet. you can get quinces of the western side of the city through -- glimpes of the western side of city through a thick trees. the lake is ada accessible. it has a peaceful atmosphere where you can enjoy a warm day. walk along the lake and watched many duc
Feb 12, 2013 2:00pm PST
is appropriating 6 hundred thousand you plus >> president chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair, colleagues i want to thank the budget committee for their consideration for
Jan 31, 2013 10:30pm PST
to make a motion we'll continue to the call of the chair. i will also just comment, mr. rifkin, i don't feel comfortable right now moving this forward even with these recommendations. so, i'd like to speak with you or your staff about how you view these agreements and the parity. i appreciate that a lot of hard work has gone into it. seems like to me, though, we're getting the raw end of the stick and would like to understand that more. so, colleagues, do you have any other comments? okay. >> i'd like to think that even where the cap for the feeder agreement is at 5%, the cap for bart -- the fast pass agreement is what looks like under the budget analyst recommendation, about 14%. that to me is still pretty high and i'd like to take that back to being rediscussed. >> thank you, colleagues. if we can do that, take that motion to the call of the chair without opposition. so moved. >> mr. chairman, if there are any actions on the proposed amendments by the budget analyst? >> we actually by the city attorney's comments we're actually not. >> deputy city attorney john givener again. you ca
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 466 (some duplicates have been removed)